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We're More Than Just A Service! 

At MCH Consulting we understand that each customer has unique needs for their business, and wants to be treated as an individual, and not just a number on a Service Ticket. I fully understand the frustration of my business not being taken seriously by a "stranger" on the tech support line, whose main concern is quitting time. This is why I personally deal with my customers in a one on one basis, offering my experience and knowledge in the Internet Development field to find a solution for all of your Internet Business needs. If I don't personally offer what you're needing as a service, there is a very good chance that I know a company or individual to fit the need.
Below is a small price-list for some of the most basic requests I come across, such as installing and configuring WordPress or a script modification. Most jobs of this nature are usually completed within 48 hours during the weekdays. I do respond to emergencies in off hours, for a slight fee, if you find that you need something tended to right away, such as a site crash or server intrusion.